About Julie

Hi, I’m Julie, a Wellness Mentor and Nutrition Coach. 

My journey led me to where I am today. Everyone has a story, a struggle. I am here to work with you where you're at, with your obstacles, and to provide the support, accountability and knowledge to empower you to build healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

All areas of your life are connected, so we’ll take a holistic approach to determine which factors are having the biggest impact on your health and wellness. Do food or alcohol help you feel better after a stressful day at work or home? How’s your sleep? Do you have enough energy to think about adding exercise to your daily routine? Are you feeling depressed? Anxious? Let’s assess what builds you up and the triggers that might knock you off track to create strategies for success.

Many aspects of our lives, like strong relationships, a thriving career or rewarding physical activity can nourish us and fill us up so food isn’t doing all the heavy lifting. Whether you want to reduce food cravings, achieve your optimal weight, improve sleep or increase your energy, we will uncover the food and lifestyle choices that will lead to greater fulfillment and help you find your best self. 

Building a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. It's not about dropping 30 pounds in 30 days. My goal is to help people reach their optimal state of health and well-being physically and mentally through simplifying nutrition, integrating fitness and mindfulness that's easy to get addicted to. 

After a remarkable transformation of my own, I knew I wanted to help others achieve their goals, so I began training with NASM & HSN. I bring over a decade of experience working to help individuals create a balanced lifestyle through healthy habits. Let's build yours.

How did I get here?

My passion for fitness and nutrition brought me to Strength N Honor. As a Division 1 college athlete, I had always been focused on achieving big goals, but not too long ago, that started to change.  

I was super stressed – more stressed and anxious than I’ve ever been. I’m not even sure stress or anxious are the right words. I still haven’t figured out how to explain it. I was experiencing chronic pain, constant headaches. I lived in a fog. Every day was hard, mentally, emotionally, physically. But, like so many of us, I kept picking myself up. Day and after day. Until I couldn't, and I knew I needed to do something.

I started to notice changes in what I was eating—my cravings were increasing. Instead of eating every few hours, I’d go for hours without eating and then no matter what I ate, I wasn’t full or satisfied. I had fallen off the healthy wagon. This went on for a while, and then it hit me. I drifted away from everything I knew about nutrition. Everything that had kept me balanced and healthy for years. I rallied up and decided it was time to change. 

How did things change for me?

This is when I joined Strength N Honor and since that day, nothing has been the same. I started out slow. The gym became MY time. Without realizing it at first, I didn’t focus on anything but myself, no decisions to make. I showed up (sometimes not in the best mood) but always left in a better frame of mind than I came with. 

My strength was becoming noticeable – and I don’t only mean my muscles. My mind was clearer. My body wasn’t hurting day in and day out. I wasn’t plagued with headaches. My energy was increasing.

But there is more…My food cravings decreased. I was drinking more water. My sleep quality improved, and I ate less in the later evening hours. I had never been able to balance my nutrition and working out. It was one or the other. Not this time, it was both and this was powerful. 

Food is my love language. I believe in real food, real ingredients made simply.  I love creating tasty, clean, recipes and dishes— and reinventing some of my most favorite comfort foods and desserts  with a healthy twist. I love to share them even more! I am often bringing food to friends, family and the gym. You can catch my recipes on social @julie_puzzo @strengthnhonorgym or by joining our mailing list. 

Where do we start? 

SNH’s App Based Wellness Coaching that is designed specifically for you, your goals and your life. Our app is a game changer. It gives me a window into a client’s progress I never could have had before. I’m able to monitor activity in real time and make customized adjustments throughout the program to help clients reach their goals.

Accountability is key. You'll have daily goals and habits to work on. It can be easy to let your goals slide or take a day off, so I'm here to offer encouragement, support, guidance and hold you accountable to your commitment.

Everything is in the app, so it’s easy to stay on track. No notebooks. No scrolling through your phone trying to remember when you took ‘before’ pics or if you wrote down your meals. No losing track of your current goals. It’s habit-based wellness program delivered to you. 

Let's go!

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The proof is in the results! Here’s Chris’s story:

Julie not only brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience but also a voice of encouragement that helped me stay motivated.  I signed up because I needed help making a change in my life.  I was traveling a lot with my job and had accepted some bad habits and practices over the last few months.  She started off with suggestions and building small habits and soon (within a few weeks), I started noticing changes in my lifestyle and my waistline.

Julie took a personal interest in my journey from making suggestions on dietary changes, keeping me focused on the goal, and holding me accountable to my commitments.  I met with her on a weekly basis and recapping what went right and where I need some help.  I looked forward to the call each week because it was focused not only on my diet but also the other stressors in my life and she brought a sense of calmness and mindfulness after we talked.  She would tailor her suggestions to my likes, for instance I LOVE spicy foods and she would send me healthy recipes for the foods that I liked to eat.  This helped me stay on the path and journey to a healthy lifestyle.

After the 3 month plan, I have continued working with Julie and started adding the next level of focus and goals. In the first three months, I lost 5.2% body fat, 22lbs, gained 8lbs of lean muscle mass and lost almost 16 inches!  I am confident that I can continue to be successful with Julie shepherding me on this journey.   It’s definitely worth the investment! (Chris)

Client success stories

Since beginning this journey with Julie, she has helped me learn more what a balanced meal is and when to eat what. Plus she's sent me some great recipes!! It's been really nice having someone to guide me through this! (Lindsay)

I've tried all the "fad diets" and "quick fixes" and the results were great, but staying on track long-term is what all of those were lacking. Since starting this new lifestyle with Julie as my coach, it's been so easy to stay on track and really focus on my mindfulness, which has been the key to feeling satisfied throughout these past few months. Julie has also helped me learn about clean ingredients and further my understanding of what our bodies need before and after the gym/workouts. Julie is truly a passionate coach and has been a huge help during this process! (Cassie).